FITEQ All-in-One Course in Malaysia

The first-ever All-in-One Course was held in Malaysia. All-in-One courses are a 4-day long education seminars including referee education, coach education and athlete development. The aim of these courses is to deliver all the knowledge about teqball from the three different aspects. After a long process of communications and discussions regarding the operational details, six FITEQ staff travelled overseas to deliver the course on the highest level possible. The organiser members of the MTA managed to raise the attention of 35 participants including men and women, younger and elder prospective teqball referees, coaches and athletes. Also, 6 participants travelled from the Republic of Korea to gain official accreditation to an international level. The Malaysian FITEQ All-in-One education course was opened with welcome speeches by the President of the Malaysian Teqball Association, Mr Siva Kumar Jakarathan and the Sport Director of FITEQ, Mr Matthew Curtain. We can proudly claim that during the course, all the participants were constantly taking notes, asking questions and were actively involved in all the practical parts of the education course. Naturally, all participants had to take an exam covering more areas than refereeing only, therefore it was challenging to each one of them. The two FITEQ presenters, Ms Renáta Fóris (Development and Education Coordinator) and Mr Barnabás Németh (Referee and Coach Education Team Leader) could proudly confirm that all participants have met the requirements with their test results, therefore each participant has been officially accredited by the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ).

Date of the course: 2019.02.21-24

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Organiser: Siva Kumar Jakarthan

Presenters: Barnabás Németh and Renáta Fóris Number of participants: 35

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