FITEQ Level C Referee Course in Luxembourg

Updated: May 28

After the first Train the Trainers Course, Telmo Monteiro and Adelino Dias decided to organise a FITEQ Level C Referee Course in Luxembourg. The course was organised by Domenico Laporta and the two enthusiastic referees with the supervision of FITEQ.

Date of the course: 2018.12.1-2.

Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Organiser: Domenico Laporta Presenter(s): Telmo Monteiro, Adelino Dias Number of participants: 8

Domenico Laporta about the course: "I think it was a unique experience because we amplified the interest of the general public to take part in Teqball. The FLTEQ was the first country where referee training was organized. It was more than a privilege for us. Despite the small number of subscribers, we must not forget the context. We can be proud to have been represented by a Luxembourg referee Adelino Dias, to attend as an assistant referee at the World Cup final in Reims. It was a unique experience for all the organizers and participants. Likewise, we can be proud to have succeeded in training a referee trainer Telmo Monteiro who was a centrepiece in the organization of arbitration in Cape Verde during the African Games. Currently in Portugal for professional reasons, he is at the head of development concerning referees but also players. Currently, we are in the process of setting up a communication and organization strategy in order to evolve with the development of Teqball in Luxemburg."

Telmo Monteiro about the course:

"Regarding the course in Luxembourg, I felt quite frustrated, in the beginning, due to the reduced number of potential referees present in the course.

But I quickly forgot this feeling, thanks to teamwork, from every single person present.

It was a great honour to be part of the first course outside Budapest, that opened the door to the referee explosion around the globe.

You may count on me, for proceeding this adventure.

I must thank again Domenico Laporta for introducing me to the family, by inviting me for timekeeping at the 1st Teqball All-Stars Cup in Luxembourg, 1 year earlier."