FITEQ Level C Referee Course in South Korea

As teqball begin to grow in South Korea as well, a request has been submitted to FITEQ for an education course to help to establish the National Teqball Federation - KTA. The course was organised by Mr Songgeun Yoo - the president of KTA - in a school in Chunceon, for participants coming from a various sports background. Participants were mostly coming from football based sports and martial arts background.

Date of the course: 2019.11.13-15.

Location: Chunceon, South Korea

Organiser: Mr Songgeun Yoo

Presenters: Norbert Augusztin

Number of participants: 52

David Ahn - Sport Director of KTA - about the course:

"It was really nice to have Hungarians - from where the sport was invented - in South Korea. The course was very exciting and fortunately, a lot of participants attended the course, most of whom got a lot interested in teqball after the successful course. We are looking forward to progressing with teqball in Korea."

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