FITEQ Train the Trainers Course

After the successful education courses of the year of 2018, FITEQ decided to take a step forward and invite a group of talented teqball referees to further-educate them and accredit them as official FITEQ Presenters.

The intense 2-day education course took place in the Teqball Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary between 21 and 22 of January 2019. For this course, 11 FITEQ Level C participants attended from 8 different countries of the world. The course started with a general introduction and an opening speech from the President and the Chairman of FITEQ, Mr Gábor Borsányi and Mr Viktor Huszár.

The course focused on the skillset of great presenters in general and the way FITEQ accredited presenters should transfer their acquired knowledge to the prospective teqball referee audience. Therefore, more group tasks have been done and all the participants had to deliver their own presentation on a predetermined teqball-specific topic.

By the end of the course, the instant feedback and the group discussions helped a lot to the participants to turbo-boost their improvement and gain transferrable experience for future FITEQ education courses.

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