Teqball Eswatini Federation Education Courses

Over the past few weeks, the Teqball Eswatini Federation has been conducting their International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) Teqball Educational online courses, with the aim of receiving their Coaching and Referee certifications. Six (6) members of the Eswatini Federation took the Coaching online courses and tests. These included the President Mfanafuthi Taribo Bhembe, Secretary General Nolwazi Ngwenyama, Technical Director Linda Dlamini, Sports Administrator Nkosingvile Magongo, Youth and Coaching Officer Njabuliso Simelane, and Social Media Officer Nokwazi Dlamini.

The educational sessions for the Eswatini Federation were broken down into Teqball coaching theory and discussions between the members, before they undertook an afternoon of practicals, which included playing the beautiful game and seeing the theory in action, as well as assembling a Teq Lite table in one group. The theory and practical sessions were followed by the team taking mock tests, and discussing any tricky questions and giving each other clarity on some of the theory. On Friday 21 August 2020, the Eswatini Federation member undertook the test after a week of theory, practice and revision.

The Technical Director and Youth and Coaching Officer relished having the theory and practical sessions take place over a week, as they both felt it gave the members a chance to learn the theory, see it in practice, revise for additional clarifications and to answer questions that arose from the practical sessions, and finally to test how much the Federation members have increased their knowledge of Teqball. The Secretary General, Nolwazi raised how challenging the test actually was, “in terms of how tricky the questions were, they force you to think creatively, just like Teqball itself.” Social Media Officer, Nokwazi also highlighted how tricky the tests were, but all in all the education courses were fun and enlightening

President Mfanafuthi stated that the sessions were very successful and he was impressed with the team especially during the practical sessions. Bhembe said, “on behalf of the Teqball Eswatini Federation we thank FITEQ for the innovative educational process, and we look forward to more sessions.” Sports Administrator, Nkosingvile echoed the President’s sentiments in thanking FITEQ for the opportunity to continue to learn about the sport through the Educational online courses, and he was excited about the future of Teqball in Eswatini.

With the Teqball Eswatini Federation members enjoying the challenge brought on by the FITEQ educational online coaching courses, they have already embarked on a mission to conquer the Referee courses in the week to come.

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