The first ever FITEQ Level Referee Course

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

FITEQ Education Programme has started in 2018, when preliminary to the second World Championships a referee course was organised. Before the second World Championships FITEQ had 0 international referees.

14 countries delegated their potential referees, altogether 27 potential referees participated in the course. The course was 4-day long including a lot of theoretical and practical sessions as well. The purpose of the course was to find those 21 referees who are going to officiate at the second World Championships, so the course was intense, and participants had to prove that they are suitable for becoming a referee.

The 21 selected referees performed very well during the second World Championships, many of them are still active and becoming better and better day-by-day. This course was just the beginning of FITEQ Education Programme, which has to and will spread around the world.

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